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Embedding Super Short Video Possible on WF?

Hey all.

I’m trying to place a super short (2 second) video on my website, but I want it to be actually embedded within the website and not streamed via a third-party website like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The problem is I don’t see where I can upload my video within Webflow’s UI. Is this not possible?

I plan to have my video autoplay and loop repeatedly so that it mimics a GIF. The only reason why I’m not creating a GIF is because the file size of the GIF is way too large (because it’s 1920 x 1080) and the quality isn’t as good as the video.

Anyways, if anyone knows if and how it’s possible to upload a video within WebFlow’s plaform (i.e. NOT streaming via third party websites) and embed it on the website please let me know. Thanks!


there’s a “background video” component at the bottom of the component selection that lets you upload your own videos. It autoplays & loops as default. The quality might suffer a bit though :slight_smile:


Awesome I’ll try it out and will let you know if I have anymore questions!

@robingranqvist hey do you by chance know how to make it so that the background video (with is a 1080 x 1920 dimension) will scale up and down proportionally in size as the browser window itself is resized (i.e. how to make the 16:9 background video video responsive)?