Embedding JSFiddles into Rich Text Blocks not working

I read somewhere that you could embed JSFiddles into a rich text block, which is what I need to do in my CMS. However, though you can technically do this it does not work properly.

When you are given options to embed, you can choose what code you want to be shown, theme, etc. If you embed into a RTF block, whatever options your JSFiddle URL includes (such as show just HTML) is ignored. It shows all defaults.

If you embed the JSFiddle as an iFrame with the same URL, all the settings work as expected. Something isn’t right in the RTF blocks.

Does anyone know a way around this? Its annoying because in my CMS I need to show examples of HTML code and I haven’t found a good way to embed marked up code.

I believe the RTF block is using embed.ly. And what you need to place inside of a RT element is NOT embed code, but just a URL. Embed.ly is doing the rest, and you have little to no options to control the outcome.

Can you try with just the URL of the jsfiddle and tell me if it works?

Just the URL is not working. The JSFiddle is being displayed but it is not paying attention to the parameters set by the URL, such as dark theme or just show HTML code. It’s like it defaults to the default base URL and ignores parameters.

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