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Embedding into my website

I want to embed a forum into a website. Can I do this?

There is an option that says “embed” but it says I need a paid plan.

If I get a paid plan can I embed a website into my website? And will it scale to fit the screen of a tablet? Or phone?

I was going to embed a forum from here is an example forum they have

Can I embed this?

I only ask because I have a side bar type navigation menu and I would like to keep that on all pages. It’s not very wide. My concern is that it wont embed properly… or maybe not at all…

Can someone test it for me? The forum example is above… if that one works then mine will once I purchase it.

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Yes, within an iframe using custom code.

That entirely depends on the site you’re embedding, not on the site that is embedding it. If you embed a forum made with Discourse such as the Webflow forum, then yes. if you embed a forum made with PHPBB, then no, not likely. (orwith a modern, responsive theme).

You can, but as it’s not responsive to begin with, it will not be responsive once in Webflow.

Ok, so responded to me. They can match the forum to my website and will do that for no extra charge. Yay!

I’m fairly new to designing and such. Webflow was intimidating to me. Starting to comfortable. There will just be a few questions I have now and then. I wasn’t sure if embedding a web page would still keep that page “responsive”.

I was using Wix before. The lack of responsiveness was a problem. The fact that Webflow websites look amazing and are responsive, that is the reason I am willing to watch youtube videos and put in time to learn how to use Webflow.

Webflow is really simple to use for the most part. It’s just a little frightening when you are new to website design. lol

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Webflow sticks to HTML and CSS rules, the settings panel is extremely close to what you’d do in code.

So the best advice is to learn the basics of HTML and CSS. The more you’ll know, the better at Webflow you’ll be!

I tried to learn HTML and then gave up on it. I seen that there were so
many different website coding languages. I have the time to learn, just not
the interest. haha I know it would take a long time. I will stick to
designing only. Webflow is not very complicated, although it’s kinda tricky
figuring out. It’s just a lot to take in for some that used in the
past. Webflow is the only website builder I’m wanting to use now. I tried
everyone I could find. (and there are a lot of them)
Everyone seems to have at least one issue. is super easy with great
features, but wix websites don’t look high quality and are not responsive.
Webflow is perfect for what I need, the only issue was it was scary at
first. haha

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