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First here’s a link to my project : https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wereeatingbetter?preview=c29360486180acb833ead007d7e65fb5

I"ve created a forum in Muut ( Check it out if you havnt already ) . To embeed to th eforum to it’s on page they ask that you just embedd and html code onto a blank page. Once Doing that I noticed that all of my stylings were skewed. After speaking with the team over there. They suggest that i remove the css stylings from my forum page to get to to work properly. Is there a way to do that in webflow ?

His quote is

" Ah, okay thank you I see what is happening. Muut embeds directly on your site and is part of your DOM. This means any existing styles on your site are inherited. Line 66 of http://wereeatingbetter.com/css/wereeatingbetter.css defines some general styles for the anchor tag (a).

a {
position: absolute;
right: 0px;
bottom: 0px;
These styles are forcing most links on the page without explicit positions set to sit in the bottom right of the page. If you look closely at the forum page you can actually see you forum channels in the bottom right in a light grey color!

My suggestion, since nothing else is on this page except for the forum, would be to remove that css file from the page.

Update:: A member of the webflow team just sent me this advice Does anyone know the CSS line that I should remove on export? Thanks his message below! :

Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile: We do not support third party code, but what you can do, is to export your site, then edit the page that has the forum code, and remove that line loading the css entirely from the head of your site.

You can do this with a text editor. If you need help, please post a topic about this in our Need Help pages Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

After posting your topic, let me know the url and I will be happy to take a look :slight_smile:

This line:


Thanks vincent so removing that forum CSS will allow it to display properly opposed to the line above? Just asking. Thanks so much for the help

Removing that line from the HTML forum page should make the forum look OK. If it’s still not OK, remove also the 2 lines above it.

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