Embedding dynamic code in the CMS


How can I send my html code to the cms and automatically have it return as an embed?

My website is an article feed from other sites. I am getting the data via a python script, sending it to Airtable, which then updates live to my CMS. The feed runs automatically for me. Sometimes, I get an error in the feed, which I have already accounted for in my scripting, I would like to replace it with a referral link to another website or a ‘sign up for our newsletter’ with an email entry form as html code.

Heres an example from my test site:

When it says no article found I would like to replace it with an html embed without having to do anything manually.

I checked this out before but could not find anything about automatic entries

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Is there a way to signal its going to be an embed without having to manually input?

Solved issue! Use powerimporter. Works like a charm