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Embedding and sorting videos from Facebook - Weight issue

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to make a website to aggregate and filter videos of various film directors.
I use MixItUp for sorting as I read the visitor cannot sort content with the CMS : it is important for me that the visitor can select multiple filters at the same time (for example “production company” and “video lenght”).

Nevertheless, I do have a problem : the website weights close to 30mb with a dozen of embed videos and I want to add hundreds. Every video seems to be “pre-loaded” and weights 2.1mb but I just need the thumbnail.

How can I do to reduce the weight of my videos ? Would some features be added to the CMS that would able visitor to sort content with filters I have created ?

Please note that video display is set to none for MixItUp ; please, load the website on your browser to see the result :

Thank you for your help !

Kind regards,

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Yes you can’t expect to embed dozens of videos in a page :slight_smile: You end up with a huge load, that’s normal. There is no good way to do it, you just don’t do it.

So here is what we do:

Only one player is embeded. And a JS script dynamically injects the ID of the video you want to play into the code, by using either Youtube or Vimeo API. Vimeo API is easier to use for a developer). Then each of your thumbs are just images with a fake play button. When clicked, the script injects the desired ID into the code and the video plays. But you only have 1 embed and 1 preloading per page.

Ok ! Thank you for your answer, it helps me a lot!

So the right way to do it is to create one big embeded player and small filtered thumbs that run the video on the big player once clicked on? Is it possible to do it with facebook videos or just with Youtube/Vimeo?

Yep that’s the idea. For example a player in a popup.

I don’t know at all but FB isn’t really thought to have its content embeded anywhere so it’s possible it’s more difficult.

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