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Embedding a directory created by another organization

I have created a test page ( ) to work on a directory that was given to me to add to a site I’m working on.

The test directory ( ) looks okay and results come back formatted well on the page but the embedded directory is missing the “provider” drop down box when it is in WebFlow and the results are completely skewed, the fonts are white etc.

I’ve applied styles to the test page for the directory but I’m not sure how to control the result styles. Do I need to request more information from the company developing the directory? Any help is appreciated…thanks!

Hi @TBrewer, you have to contact the third party to change their script to change what it displays.

As for the styles, they seem to not use iframes, but insert the elements directly into the page. To style them, you will need to inspect the published site to extract the class names, then write a custom stylesheet in the page header code.

For example, this is the custom code required to change button colour:

div#ProviderLookupPlugin .btnAultcare {
    background: orange;

Thank you I will try that and I will contact them.