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Embedded Tweet not displaying fully on mobile (or desktop)?

Hello! For some reason, when I embed a tweet, it displays “almost” fully on desktop mode, but gets cut off on mobile. I’ve chosen full width in the CMS article for the tweet.

Is there a setting or something I’m missing elsewhere?


How do I get the full content of the embedded tweet to display on both views?


Here is my public share link: LINK

Can anyone help please?

Hi @RobJDR

I took a look at the site and this page, but it looks like the tweet may have been copy/pasted into the rich text field. The rich text doesn’t natively support a tweet embed like this so it’s not possible to edit it’s appearance at this time.

You may consider adding an embed above or below the rich text element and use the CMS to add the tweet link. This guid should help:

Hi Brando,

Thanks, but we don’t include Tweets on every article page. They’re ad hoc. I’ve been discussing it with the support team and it looks like until the way the rich text embed is fixed, I won’t be able to just embed a tweet at its full size, which is a real shame.