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Embedded map address wrong

Hi there, the embedded map here is getting the address wrong? I also connected the google api key, which I thought would automatically direct the map to the correct address. Am I missing something? thanks.

Hi Zac,

The Webflow project shows the same location as google maps shows when you enter the address ‘894 E Warner Rd., Suite 105, Gilbert, AZ on the NE’.
I tried it in a siple Google search, and in Google maps in incognito mode. All show the exact same location.
So, your address might be wrong? :man_shrugging:

Im confused, are you saying the address is wrong for the API key? the address is correct inside the map form in the side panel.

I am saying that when you type the address in google, you get the exact same resault you see on your website.

Im not sure you are seeing what I’m saying. If you click on the map, when it takes you to google, its the 874 address. Yes, if you manually type in the 894 address it works, but the map link is wrong. is that the API key or something?

This is on your website:

This is the address typed on google maps:

They are the same.
Am I missing something?

Click on the red pin on the map and look at the address that it puts into google maps.

The 894 / 874 difference?

Yes, it should be 894. The business has a google business page which it should go to, but it keeps going to 874.

Hey @zellet, I’m have the same issue with a site I’m currently working on.
Did you ever find a solution?

Nope. The issue is in purgatory.