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Embedded Form not showing

I still cannot getthe embedded form I created in Web Form Builder by CoffeCup to show on I thought it might have an issue with the SSL enabled but that shouldn’t affect the form. To view the form got to:

The embed script that is not working is below:

Hi @pmipros great question!

I just copied your code snippet and added it into an embed field on a page in this site:

Live page:

Here’s a screen recording showing the process:

That is what I did. We embed all the time but something is blocking the form from appearing. The issue is whether the form is having a conflict with the SSL enabled on Webflow since it is hosted on a secure server with https
Could that be causing the problem?

@pmipros it looks like there is actually an issue with the embed not showing up due to the way that embed is configured. Could you please reach out to the team over at Coffeecup to see what their suggestion is on this integration on SSL hosted sites?