Embedded form in pop up modal does not allow scrolling

Hey all :slight_smile:

So I created a jotform and embedded it into my website. Once you click on the button “Monteur werden” a pop up opens which also contains the form.

The form is too long especially on mobile and unfortunately it does not allow scrolling.
I’ve tried adding scrolling to the iframe although I know it is discontinued.
I’ve tried playing around with overflow and other things, but no success.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @JohannKaup,

Scrolling is set to ‘no’ within the iFrame:

Are you able to change this property within Jotform?

@mww Thanks for your response. I change it in the iFrame custom code and it still does not work. See first screenshot (although that is the element above.

The html embed is also set to overflow as seen in the second screenshot, I don’t know how I can get to change the iframe part itself.

Hi @JohannKaup,

Sorry, I mean you need to add the scrolling=“yes” to the inner iframe itself, not to the JS code in the HTML embed.

The iframe’s scrolling property is set inside that src url so I’m wondering if within Jotform you’re able to change the scrolling property.

Otherwise, you could create a new JS file, paste the code from the Jotform JS file in there, change scrolling to ‘yes’, save as a txt file then upload this file to your project’s assets panel, grab the asset URL and use that in your embed.

I’ve done this process myself for you so you can use the below as the embed but I’d recommend doing it on your own project and replacing with your own link:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/6367b40f71d5e94d5dafb76b/6367b47ca0bbe15525a62c8b_jotform.txt"></script>

Thank you so much. It worked, feeling stupid right now to not have come up with that myself.