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Embedded code problem in published view

In order to link my blog posts (from: to my homepage in the agenda section ‘blog yazıları’ tab of website, I used the embed code below, however it didn’t worked. It would be very helpful if you could check it why?

<?php $request_url = “”; $xml = simplexml_load_file($request_url); $title = $xml->posts->post->{‘regular-title’}; $post = $xml->posts->post->{‘regular-body’}; $link = $xml->posts->post[‘url’]; $small_post = substr($post,0,320); echo ‘


’; echo ‘


’; echo “…”; echo “Read More”; ?>

If I’m not wrong, PHP isn’t used at all by Webflow. Custom code panel is more likely for metas, javascript, css and html code snippets.

(For a PHP program to work, it needs to be executed by a PHP software on the server where the site is hosted. In the case of Webflow, there is no PHP installed. PHP used to be the standard programming language for the web, paired with MySQL database. But this world is slowly ending and new apps like Webflow are all about Javascript. It’s an evolution from a time where servers had the power (PHP processes pages on the server and sends HTML in return) to a world where your iPhone is more powerful than a CrayII, and where pages are processed locally, by the client (browsers).)

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Thank you for the explanation, I will find a manual solution to bring the information then.

Hi @vincent, you are not wrong, we do not support PHP for Webflow hosted sites. Cheers, Dave