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Embedded code is not working on my website


I am considering merging a client from WordPress to Webflow. On their WordPress website, they have embedded a part of a website where you can sell cars. Thanks to that on their website appear the car that they are selling (you can see it there WTS Automobiles | Voitures occasion Morges)

I want to replicate that in webflow, so I tried to emded it. But I failed. Here is how I did it.

  1. I took the code that was on worldpress !
  2. past it in my and embed block (on my own website just to try)

So does anyone know why it is not showing ?

Here is the read-only link :

For starters you need to make sure the resources you link to exist. Which you can test in a browser. Always check your browser console first to make sure there are no obvious issues like the 404 error to the script.

Thanks! but it’s not that I checked