Embedded bg video got a automatically added play button on mobile view?


today I noticed that the background video I embeded yesterday now has a play button on mobile view that I don’t added. This button didn’t exist yesterday. Where did it came from and how can I remove it? I can only see it on my phone.

Did webflow update anything?

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Hey, I don’t see a play button on any of my devices. My guess is that this is a system/browser setting thing, rather than a webflow thing. Some browsers nowadays disable autoplaying videos (mostly if they have sound on), so that might be the issue.

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I guess you might be right but that’s weird, I haven’t done any updates on my phone since some days :woman_shrugging:

I don’t have a technical reference to this, but it is happening because your phone is in low power mode. There are workarounds but I do not know them, and that is why I cam across your post… looking for answers lol.