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Embedded Baidu Map Not Displaying Properly

I wanted to embed a Baidu map but the map is not displaying properly on my site after I have published it. The HTML code is generated through Baidu Maps API.

Here is my site’s read-only link:

My browser is Chrome Version 41.0.2272.76 (64-bit)

This is what the map looks like on my published site:

HI @littleviolette, generally, Baidu should be able to load without any issues. From what it appears like, it’s possible the embed code is not 100% correct. Is there a way you can test the embed code you’re getting from Baidu?

@cyberdave: do you have any experience with Baidu or other China based resources (i.e. firewall issues etc?)

@thewonglv, thank you for your response. I saved the code on my computer and opened the file in Chrome without a problem. The map is displaying in the browser perfectly. I don’t know why the map doesn’t display as intended when I embed the code on webflow.