Embeddable Zoomify "map" with popup links

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I’m trying to embed a map that I have drawn as a JPEG in Photoshop into a custom code embed. I plan on continuing to edit this map and publishing as it grows. Certain markers on the map will have popups and links, and I want it to be zoomable much like my Google Maps embed. Below is a brief sketch.


I’ve been working on this with the Zoomify export function from Photoshop CC 2019, which creates a folder of the image broken into tiles, and some code files. Screenshot of folder contents:


I’ve followed all the instructions that Zoomify says but nothing displays. For example, they say to upload this folder to my web server but I don’t know how or where to do this in Webflow. I’ve tried putting it in the header, the body, and the custom code section. I’ve also tried putting it in “Assets” but it’s a whole folder, not just 1 image file.

Any help is much appreciated!!

For future development:
The Zoomify Pro version seems to have the capability of adding popups on the image. But I need to figure out the functionality of embedding the base image first.

Link to read only file:

Link to webflow.io domain for custom code viewing:

I have worked with this product for high end galleries. In order to use it, you need to have the files uploaded to a host that is accessible to the browser client. The script just points to the resources on the remote host.

Note: You cant upload the XML document with Webflow nor assets in folders, so you need hosting that does.

Hi Webdev, thanks for your response. So if I’ve got this right, even though I’ve got hosting with Webflow I need to host these images and the XML somewhere else and then link to them with the embed script on my webflow page? I wonder if Webflow will enable this hosting in the future.

Do you recommend any particular hosting service for this issue? Bluehost maybe?

Correct. Webflow allows you to link to assets, and add images and some files to its asset manager. It does not support custom file types or folders.

Don’t know so I won’t speculate. You could check to see if there is a wishlist item for that and vote.

I prefer to serve assets from CDN’s. Better performance for the end users since the files are hosted in multiple data centers, and are on platforms that are optimized for serving files.

My first choice is Digital Ocean Spaces. At $5 per/month for 250 GB and 1TB transfer, it hits my typical client needs, and wants. I also use AWS and KeyCDN. Your mileage may vary.

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Thanks for your help!