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Embed not displaying correctly in different media types

I’ve got a set of embedded html/javascript for some social feeds (Twitter/RSS Tumblr Blog and a JSON “Dream Feed” that will only work in production, so ignore that one for the moment).

Focus on the Blog one. I can see it display properly for desktop and tablet, but when I resize the browser for iPhone (portrait and landscape) it won’t load/display.

I have two sections set up. One for desktop/tablet, section8, and one for Phone (port/land), iPhoneFeeds.

Any ideas??? I’ve been looking at this for far too long. Much thanks.

Blog appears for mobile
Section 8 is set to not display for mobiles

Section 8 should only appear for desktop and tablet.

iPhoneFeeds section should only appear for phone (portrait and landscape)

If you go here,, you can see that the blog displays for desktop, but not for phone.