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Embed javascipt code onsubmit and return to another page

I want to build an application that will allow user to input information in a form and during submit there will be an algorithm that will check the input and will determine the next page. Do we have a sample apps or any tips on how do we do that?

Thanks a lot for the help

Your question is too broad, could you narrow it down with a minimal demo of your site, and example inputs by the user, and example target pages?

Thanks a lot for your respond.

I know it is too broad. However, I don’t have a demo yet. Basically, user will answer some Yes or No questions, at the end, the users will submit the form, and we are going to take the user’s input and “grade” the user’s answers and return a page with user’s grade (A, B, C or D)

I can write the java script to calculate the user’s input, however is there any sample of this type of “applications”

Thanks a lot for your help.