Embed into blogpost - Chart - Not responsive


I’m trying to add a chart (embed) to my to-be blogpost - it is working fine except on small screens.
The site is the following:

The chart I’m trying to embed to be responsive on Mobile:

Chart/Image in question, is the second image. Right beneath the fold (Check on mobile).

The best code ChatGPT gave me so far, but still cutting off on the right, is currently in the embed.

The read-only file: Webflow - Business Starter - SilverLine Studio

Bumping this, still looking for help

Hey Neils, you’d likely need to research the statcounter component itself, or hand-modify it.
There are not many options to “force fit it” into a specified width.

One approach would be to wrap it and let it have a scrollbar.

Another might be to use CSS transform: scale, but that comes with challenges also.

I’ve build a few solutions that do this but each situation is different, and they end up rather overcomplex and fragile. Even if you make it work perfectly, if statcounter changes anything…

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