Embed HTML not working in form submission

I am struggling with an embed HTML in a form. Created a form with a tab and nested inside each tab a embed HTML. I basivcally want the customer to have a two step submission with the second step depending on the selection of the first.
step 1: Customer choses on the the 4 training programs
step 2: customer choses the date of the selected training program of stap 1.

the forms works but it is not submitting the training dates which come from the embed HTML.
Here is the view link: Webflow - Dareandgrow
Any idea how to sort it out?
thanks a lot

Update: in the HTML embed I had used value instead of string.

However when submitting I always receive the last item of the CMS collection. Anyone had this problem?

value is correct here.
An option needs to be inside of a <select>, and that select needs a name.
Basically what you’re doing here won’t work easily because Webflow wraps HTML Embeds in a DIV, so you’d end up with something weird like this-


More likely you need to populate your select using JS.