Embed Facebook still viable?

Hello guys,

I’m trying to embed a facebook page to my website and I couldn’t . I tried using Iframe and the SDK JavaScript as in this page ( https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin)

I appreciate all the help, cause I tried everything in my knowledge(is not much, i’m more of a beginner-intermediate).

*Sorry for my english, i’m kinda of rusty lol.

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@Rafaelsantos - do you have a read-only link? This still works for me. Although I do really love tools like juicer.io because they get me the content and give me more options on styling and layout.

You could also use a tool like Zapier to take Facebook posts and turn them into CMS items. All sorts of options available to you!

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I found out the problem, my AdBlocker was blocking the request! Sorry about that, and thanks for ur help and fast response :).

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De nada! Glad you got it resolved!

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Nice to see you practicing your Portuguese hehehe. Just another question, the facebook embed only work for fanpages? or can i do it with person profile?

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I try! :smile: I think that tool is limited to Facebook pages. You can embed single Facebook posts. So you could use dynamic embeds and Zapier to pull off using a personal profile I think. I’d have to do some digging and confirm that! :slight_smile:

My client messes up by creating a personal profile instead of a Fanpage. Well I explain this to him and he accepted it quite nice. Those tools like Zapier and Juicer are paid right? Trying to look for a free option, cause Dolar here in Brazil is quite expensive :smile:

Totally understand! I came across this issue myself. I ended up creating the Facebook page for them. Then I added them as admins. And later down the road - I had them remove me as an admin. Then I cold control access, design, etc. And just pass it off!

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Nice solution, I think that my client is gonna be a little lazy to do this, cause they have almost 5k as friend.