Embed Facebook post

Hello, i have a problem with embed facebook post.

I create this website https://www.degustazionimusicali.com/ and you can find this Page Plugin - Social Plugins - Documentation - Meta for Developers below header “eventi in corso” .
Is there a way to not block it because adblock? And why can’t see on mobile either?

I know already zapier and Juicer.io but i would find a custom code solution with native fb plugin, thanks!

Hey @Fosca_C

Can you elaborate a bit on what you are trying to do here?

Are you trying to have a CMS item whenever a new facebook post is created on a certain page? Do you need it to be like a whole post meaning it has options to like, comment etc… or would you just create a custom card which would show the content of the post.

Let us know and we might be able to help but either of those options will include some 3rd party app. As far as I’m aware there’s no native options to do anything simillar to that.

sorry, i mean fix the problem with native plugin Facebook. why can I see it only in private mode?