Embed custom id field into ecommerce order for use with webhooks

Currently trying to use webhooks to trigger a firebase function but need to pass it the user ID of the user that triggered the order(using firebase auth). Looking through the api docs it seems like there are several fields in the ecommerce order model that could be used for this.

The order comment field sounds like it automatically adds whatever the customer types into the AdditionalInfo->notes text field to the order object which would in turn be sent out with any new order webhook.

I was thinking of just hiding the field and adding the userID to the field in js, but this prevents us from using that field in the future and I was trying to see if there was a better solution to include on page user data in the order object sent via webhook.

The end use is for user permissions so I don’t want to just trigger the firebase function on the order confirmation page as it would allow the user to edit their own permissions.

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