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Embed Code Max 1000 CHaracters

Hi all, I have hit a snag on a project. I need to embed a for with logic. I have this in HTML with a bit of Java. I go to embed the code which is around 193 lines and get error telling me I have exceeded max number of lines for embed code. How can I get around this, anybody any ideas?

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There is a limit set to 10000 characters. I don’t see a line issue when I tested.
Workaround: Use an external script.

That’s what I thought (sorry typo in the post) it was an error for 10000.
I will post the code I have been trying to insert. I will also attach a screen shot. Having looked at the form I am embedding in a little more detail, it seems to have some Python orientated scripts which may be causing it, I initially thought they were Javascript. But not being a code savvy designer I am not sure. Maybe you will know better.

I counted the characters in the document inc spaces and it is 22,901 so that will be where my issue is I think.

This is a link to the form and logic HTML I am wishing to embed.
html that doesn’t fit

Sorry for the delay, I had to spin up a secure virtual machine to pull that content for review.

The only way to get around the limit would be to host that code on the web somewhere and then use an Iframe in an embed to display it.

Get rid of the {% somevalue %"} lines from that html code. They would only be hidden in a liquid template.

You clever chap LOL! That is good to know it wasn’t just me being dull and I was wondering if I could get rid of those lines of code. I am guessing they are just comments in a different form than in PHP

I am just going to try and remove where the lines you suggested. I just tried it in a wordpress post and couldn’t get it to function. as I noticed in straight HTML it doesn’t function what have I missed?

Hello, sorry for the multiple messages… I have just added new link after trying to add the functions to header. I am not sure why it isn’t working, is it something that is missing a part?) It doesn’t help that it is ruddy Swedish and i do not speak Swedish! LOL

You have already been brilliant but if you do have a moment and would be able to give me a pointer in the right direction of solving this. It would be very much appreciated.

New Form Logic HTML link

Your web page has a javascript dependency on jQuery which is not loaded.

You should concentrate on getting your page working independent of webflow. You copied that from a bootstrap site or page (I assume you own the rights to the code). So you have bootstrap css styling dependencies and possibly bootstrap.js as well.

Contact your developer or you could always hire one.

Yes I did think the issue was it was not loading the Javascript. And Yes the code was given to me hence it being in swedish (it was my friends site Learning to Sleep) I checked their site for the Javascript it is loading. You have been very helpful in confirming my suspicions and the styling I can change myself no probs. Thank you again fro your time :slight_smile: