Embed Code from Final Draft for a Play Script

I have a script for a play that I need to embed on a page. (Script page in navigator)
The play’s script exceeds 10,000 characters. Is there a way to add the custom code and then add the play’s script as separate element? Does what I am saying make sense to anyone? I am obviously not a coding expert and am new to Webflow. LOL

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sea Legs The Musical)

Hey @sfineman

Why do you need to embed the script? If it’s just text, you should use a Rich Text field to place the content. If it’s an iFrame or similar from Final Draft, it shouldn’t be anywhere near 10,000 characters.

Can you add some screenshots of the code you’re trying to embed?

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I imported the play script from Final Draft as a .rtf file and that worked but it is slower than dirt now. Each line is its own paragraph(by the way it will be reformatted in Final Pro -this is a script from a client). They are continually doing rewrites so it will be an ongoing process.

Anybody have any other ideas on how I can get this embedded into the page?

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