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Embed code for CMS collections

I need to create CMs collections, a unique embed will be embedded in each page. There will be a link to various figma prototypes. How to do it?

Now when I embed a unique code, it applies to all pages. I want each page to have its own unique figma preview

Thanks :pray:

Welcome to the community @Rustam_Akhmadeev!

Depending on your project and how you intend to use the embed your situation may be different, but here’s the gist of it:

  • Add a text field to your Collection that will hold the unique part of the embed code (what differs from project to project)
  • On the collection page, add an HTML Embed element where you want the embed to appear and paste in the full embed code
  • Using a Dynamic Embed, replace the unique part of your code with the newly created Collection field
  • Bonus: If not all of the items in the Collection require a Figma embed, just use Conditional Visibility to determine if the Collection field is being used and the embed element will only render if it’s being used

Hopefully that helps, but feel free to include your read-only link if you run into any issues and I can walk you through the steps within your project itself :+1: