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Embed Calendly trouble with OnClick Attributes


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I was just trying this on my “Start Here” page, and it didn’t seem to be working. The listener is in an embed at the end, and the code is in the head. Any idea why it’s not working?

Also: I would love to do this site-wide, because I want to have a Calendly embed in the navbar. Where should I put the code in order to do this?

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Your script is looking for elements with a class name of calendlybutton which none exist. You do have an element with the ID of calendlyButton. If you are using classnames then add the class to your element and pay attention to case.

var calendyButton = document.getElementsByClassName('calendlybutton');


You also need to change the url to your calendly profile, not some other user.

I changed it to a lowercase class on my site, and it seems to still not work.

All the code is in the site-wide because I need it to work globally.

Any other ideas?

Your implementation is wrong. Your target elements are using the same ID not classnames for one. If you need implementation help I am available for freelance work.

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Okay. It seems I was making two mistakes.

As @webdev said, I was using the button ID instead of a class :man_facepalming:. I also tried to put the listener in the site-wide . Don’t ask me why, but for some reason moving it to an embed in the navbar fixed my problem.

I’m having some trouble embedding Calendly and was hoping I could get some help.

Here is what I want to do.

  • All carousel buttons when clicked open the Calendly pop-up
  • Footer buttons on each page, when clicked open the Calendly pop-up

Initially, I used the [getElementById] script provided by Jeff S, and the one carousel button on the initial slide worked. I could not get the footer button to work at all.

But since I want all the buttons on the slider to launch the Calendly pop-up, I switched it to the [getElementsByClassName], and everything stopped working.

Here are the details.

I added the following code to the page’s body code section:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Then I added a code embed section right after the carousel slider with the following code:

    var calendyButton = document.getElementsByClassName('slider-bigbutton');
    calendyButton.addEventListener("click", function() {
    Calendly.initPopupWidget({ url: '' });
    return false;

For the footer buttons, I did not add the first two link widget code snippets, because I figured they’re already there. And the footer buttons have a combo class, but I only used the initial class.

So that’s my story. Can anyone figure out why things aren’t working for me?
Here is my Read Only Link.

Just registred to say:
Thank youuuuuuuu @webdev!!!

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Hi @webdev, I’ve followed your solution and it works as intended, except the popup displays a menu with supposedly all of my appointment types (of which I only have one), so clients need to click on the appointment type before accessing the calendar itself. Is there a way to display the calendar straight away, and to bypass the step of showing the appointment types first?

I’ve attached a video to show what I mean.

@thebergdesign - just update the URL value to point to the event page.

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@webdev Thank you, that worked.

I am now trying to display the same button on two other pages, but when I copy everything over to these other pages, the button doesn’t work. Am I missing something?


@webdev Perhaps you missed my above reply? Thanks

The issue is on my ‘about’ and ‘services’ pages - here is a read only link (

@thebergdesign - Perhaps I am busy making a living?

Your issue is probably related to the use of ID as the selector. Only one element on a page can share the same name. Refactor your script to use classes and loop through the results.