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Embarrassed to ask a dumb question

But it’s better to be stupid 1 minute, rather than the rest of your life.

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I did something and everything is aligned to the left. I cannot figure out how I did it, nor how to fix it.
Please help.

Welcome to the community @Tickleberry!

Definitely not a stupid question! I think it’d be stupid not to ask a question if you don’t know what’s going on—this is just a good place for some learning :slight_smile:

The reason you’re site is “stuck” to the left is due to the max-width style on your Section class:

By default, Section elements don’t automatically center-align themselves to the canvas (unlike Container elements) so by limiting the width to an amount smaller than the screen, the element won’t stretch to the other side of the screen.

Instead of changing the max-width on the Section, change this on the Container element. This way you Section stretches the full width of the screen (for things like background color or image fills) and let your Container control the max width of the content within that section.

If for some reason you’d want the entire site to limit itself to a certain width, you could technically add a max-width to the Section element—but then you’d want to also click the little “center element” icon (or set the left and right margin to “Auto”) so that the Section itself always aligns to the middle of the screen:

That said, I’d argue that your Section element should still extend the full width and instead include another container inside it that you’d add your background colors/images to instead.

The tutorial follows the full width Section and limited Container logic and this will end up being a cleaner way to work and manage the project long term. When I first started working with Webflow I was a little less strict with my structure and it comes back to bite me often when I try and make sweeping, consistent changes to things like content width—especially across my breakpoints.

That was a bit long-winded, but that should give you a bit more insight on why it’s happening. Definitely don’t hesitate to let me (or anyone else know) if you’ve got any other questions :+1:


Mike, you make me fall in love with WebFlow even more. Thank you for the awesomely complete response.

PS Your logo is genius. I also enjoyed your portfolio.


Ah geez, thanks so much for the feedback—although that work is all getting pretty dated :grimacing: I’m planning on actually taking part in the May 1st portfolio refresh (if that’s even still a thing) so lots of new stuff is coming soon-ish.

Glad I could help out, and looking forward to seeing you around the community as you grow with the platform :webflow_heart: