Email mailto links set via CMS Collection without Subject fail

Platform: macOS 10.13.6
Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.106
URL tested: Any project fed by Webflow CMS

• In CMS Collection, create an Email Address field collection
• Create Collection Page and complete the Email Address field with email value
• Call Collection and setup a button with the correct Collection and Email Address value set via a mailto option.
• Do not set a Subject value

• Mailto should work like any other string where the Subject merely results is being blank.

Actual Result
• The mailto is led with an HTTP link structure and appended with CMS call
• Example: { "5b68b10b1e6e1117410557c2":CollectionRecord { id…
• Obviously, the mailto action fails due to being treated as a regular link, resulting in a Error: Connection Closed. Example string on render:… [continues for several thousand more characters]

• When you add a Subject the mailto works fine. This only fails when no Subject value is supplied.

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