Email Link is Auto Creating an ugly form on mobile

Hi there I’m trying to figure out how to edit the automatic form thats generated when someone clicks an email link on mobile. The link works perfectly on desktop - opening the third party email app thats on the persons computer. But on mobile, a form populates that i cant find the origin of to edit or get rid of. Ideally i would like the email link to work the same as i does on desktop but not sure if this is possible in OS on an iphone or on an android. If it’s not possible to mimic the behaivor of the email link on desktop i at least want to format this ugly form to be in line with the site. THANK YOU.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi James. When inspecting the code of your page from my iPhone (more on how I did this here) it seems that the link is calling some Javascript instead of the normal mailto: protocol. Please update your post and provide a read-only link to your Webflow project so we can take a look and find out why this is happening. Instructions are here. Thanks!

Thanks for responding Chris - here’s the read only link -

Thanks, James! I’m not actually seeing the e-mail link anymore at all (or maybe I’m just not awake enough yet :joy:) Where should I be looking?

If you click on the home page it will pop up!

( on )

Thanks! Checking your link today on both my iPhone and my desktop (Windows), both follow the proper mail sequence (opening my default mail client). Can you confirm you’re still seeing this issue?

Yea still seeing the issue - I’m seeing this on Mac and Iphone so maybe that’s at play. A friend also just pulled it up on their devices and form is coming up on both their iphone and mac.

When I hover over the phone number i can see that it previews the phone number - when i hover over the email it previews this Java Script

When I am in the webflow builder and I preview before publishing it does work as intended and the form doesn’t show up haha. It’s only once published that this form comes up.

That was showing up for me in google chrome - i just loaded in safari and the native email provider loaded as intended the first time i hit the link. Then I hit the link elsewhere on the page and the form came up. I then went back to the original link i clicked that worked correctly and then that gave me the ugly form. So im fairly perplexed.