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Email link block not working on desktop

Hello everyone,

Need help and hope someone can help.

In the navigation menu at the top of every page, I have a button. It is set up to send an email. However, when I click on it, it pops up a message “choose which account to send email from.” There are not choices to chose from and only a cancel button (see photo below.) This only happens on desktops. It is working on mobile just fine. I tried it on my pc (email set up with gmail) and my client’s pc (email set up with outlook).

Read only link: Background video responsiveness

Hi there @katvazquez,

Can you share your read-only link and your published link so we can help you out here? Also, can you confirm which desktop browsers and which mobile browsers you have tried this on?


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Sorry. I just realized I put the wrong link.

For desktop I tried Internet Explorer and Chrome. On mobile I used Chrome on my phone and not sure what my client was using on his. We both (Android phones) did a test and it was good.

Here is my read only link:

Published link:

Thank you

Is Outlook your email client on your computer?

If so, it’s likely just an issue with Outlook! See here.

On my desktop, I can confirm that your email-link works correctly. If you have access to a different computer, I’d recommend trying it out there to see if it works and set your email in Outlook to resolve the issue.

Let us know if this helps!

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My PC does not have Outlook set up. I have Gmail set up. My client has Outlook set up. We both had the same issue.

@katvazquez did you get this figured out? From my experience, @mattvaru is right - this isn’t a Webflow issue; it’s an issue of how your computer/browser is setup to handle email links.

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Hi @katvazquez, @myonke is correct, if you have a button with an email link, when you click the button the browser will either do nothing, prompt for the user to setup an email client, or if the email client on the local pc is configured in the browser, the users own email program will open.

If you are trying to just receive a form submission, i.e. a contact form, then using Forms is aa better option then trying to trigger the email client as that may not be setup in a lot of the site visitors browsers.

See here:

You could also use the link to navigate to your form page and then have the user fill out the form and then submit to the email address you have setup in form notifications on the forms tab of project settings.

I hope this helps


Thank you so much for this. I understand now. I’m going to go with Forms instead for a better user experience.

Thank you