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Email input doesn't allow [ ] (?)

Hi there,

I am trying to implement Drip ( on a form. The way they have created to integrate external forms with their system is fields[email] as an email input. However, it seems that webfloe doesn’t allow on this field.

Is there a reason for that? Any work around?



Were you able to get getdrip to work with webflow?

Hi @kaja,

Yes I was able to use but not thru the widget webflow form. I used the custom code and pasted the form code provided by Drip. I believe you can customise Drip’s code to use css classes from webflow with little CSS knowledge.

However, I haven’t tried to implemented using the regular widget form recently. Would be nice to give it a shot if you haven’t done yet.

I am not a HTML/CSS expert but if you have any problem to implement it, post here and I can try to help you.


Thanks! I may ask for assistance in the future.

So, it’s been working without any glitches?

Best, Walker

Actually, I am not using Drip yet. I implemented to test and it worked fine. But I keep using MailChimp for some other internal reasons…