Email Hosting Service

I would like to know if anybody is using Office 365 for email hosting and administrating by your organization? If yes, then how difficult is the process of migrating and managing.

If not, are there any reliable email hosting providers to consider.

We are a company of 20 users and planning to make a switch from our current email service provider to Office 365 and planning to migrate and manage ourselves. I am basically a developer and have done some research on migrating and setting up users in office 365. I would like to know what are the pros and cons that we might not be aware of.

@ksubbaiah and ‘since deleted account’ welcome to the forum. I moved your post to the random category. While I’m sure there are people who will be able to give a good suggestion, we try and keep the focus on webflow and webdesign topics.

I would recommend G Suite Business.
The setup time is a fraction of 365 and much less complex.

Once you start collaborating on docs and sheets there, there’s no going back.

It’s also compatible with MS Office docs.

Your decision may depend on what your business does.

We use Office 365 for our company and would not want to switch. We do the setup for our clients, and we moved lots of companies from the google gsuite to O365. and they all love it. It will fit all size organizations, starting at $5 per month, inclusive a 1TB cloud storage per user.

Thank you for your taking time to reply. Can the migration be done by our self or is it better to involve Microsoft partners to perform migration?

@ksubbaiah what are you using now for email provider? Are you already using Outlook as your local email client? What do you want to migrate? just email, or also Calendar, Contacts.
I suppose you are going to use O365, because that includes also Office Apps. Are you going to use the Apps installed on the local PC, or just the cloud version. Where are the office documents now stored now?, on a local server? when you choose the cloud version of the apps, then you have to migrate the office documents to the cloud (what is the best solution, anyhow. Even when you use local installed Apps)

Lots of questions…
If you know what you do O365 is very easy to deploy, if you do not think ahead and do not know what you are doing, it can be a mess. If you want, you can give me a call look at my website for the phone number and ask for me. The whole phone system is also O365, you can call any of our offices, in the US, Europe or Africa, and just ask for me Erik Vanderlaan