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I have set up a form on my site and it was working untill i made a carousel background and copy the form into all 9 images, because i wanted to stay there all the time when images are changing.

Now it shows blank field where supposed to be email addresses on forms webflow page.

Please help!
Thank you!

Hi Beata, to begin with you should try to undo that (:

There are ways of positionning things on top of other things, for instance positionning a form on top of a slider so it’s not affected by the sliding and remains on overlay.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to help you?

Learn how to do it here:

Hi, thank you for a tip, i public the project now. Do you know any videos that might help me to position a form on top of a slider?

Many thanks!

Can you give me the public link? I have no way to find it by myself (:

Basically: put your form as a sibling of your slider.

  • section
    • form
    • slider

Give the section position: relative and the form position:absolute. Then give the fom some coordinates to place it as you want.
Unfortunately it doesnt work. i have tried. when i make form absolute, it goes to left side of the page, and i need it centred.

Then center it…

At this stage it would be good to watch all the toutorial videos linked at the top of the forum. All the principle you need to learn are there: absolute positionning, centering an element etc. It’s quite required to watch these videos to learn the basics.

Check this Google Chrome – Tapes

Thank you for your help!!! its working now! ll watch a videos more carefully…
Thanks again!

ehm, unfortunately the email form still doesnt work. so i am back to the same problem as i was. Do you think you can help me with that too?

Unfortunately not, I looked again but I’m not very skilled about forms. Maybe you’ve altered the form too much, I didn’t see a missing crucial element or missing structure, but once again I’m not skilled enough with forms to determine what’s going wrong.

One solution that could be the fastest for you: drag a brand new form, set it ut and before styling it, test if it works. If it works, style it a retest again. This could be quicker than waiting for an answer here.

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