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Email address specific forms generated through the CMS

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a solution for one of my clients.
We’re creating a Job Post Board. The user can pay to post a job advert, once submit a post, the listing will be added through the CMS.

When a candidate then applys to the job, I want to be able to send the application form directly to the email address of the user who posted the listing instead of my client.

Is there a way to upload custom emails to forms generated through the cms?


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There is a fairly long-winded solution for having this functionality in Webflow involving Zapier/Integromat and Airtable. Don’t think you can do this natively through just Webflow.

Thanks for your reply! - Do you know if there is any documentation or tutorials on this?

I’ll try and find something for you in the morning :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I really appreciate your help!

@HollyA it took a while but I finally found what I was looking for!

Go to “Download Slides” and it will take you to the pdf file that Connor kindly made.

I guess another (easier) method could eliminate the need for Airtable entirely, but you will not have the ability to manually approve messages (therefore increasing the risk of spam or malicious communications). To do this you will need Zapier or Integromat (I’ll use Zapier for this example), and an email service such as G-Suite.

Here is the list of Zaps/steps needed:

  1. Create your contact form in Webflow. Give it a name/ID - e.g. “Customer Contact Form”.
  2. Set Zapier to watch for submissions of Customer Contact Form.
  3. Use Zapier to extract the information from the form and pass this information through.
  4. You need to be able to retrieve the email address of the recipient (stored within the Webflow CMS). I think you will need a custom Webhook for this. Conversely, Integromat allows you to retrieve and list CMS Item/Collection details, so that could be another option.
  5. Send an email via G-Suite. The form data will form the body of the email, and the recipient email address has been obtained in the previous step.

Bear in mind I wrote this off the top of my head, first thing in the morning! But as a rough outline this should work. Or you can follow the process linked above for a more thorough solution.