Ellipsis in webflow: Paragraph, texts restricted into two lines

Don’t repeat the code, the library only needs to be loaded once.
Than use wfu-truncate on any text element you want.

OK - I think because I used the CSS version in response to Michael Wells above - but I will try using the library again. First time around it didn’t work but I will try again.

Thanks for reminding me, I’m not sure where my CSS style chunk notes have gone in the SA5 docs, I’ll look at re-adding that.

But either way, it’s the same, you’d only re-use the attribute. The library references the CSS externally ( more convenient ), but the HTML embedded CSS approach brings that into the page ( better design-time experience ).

Either way the mechanism is the same, just add wfu-truncate where you like.

Note if you use the library, you won’t see the truncation in the designer, only on the published site.