Elfsight Widgets


I plan to jump on a massive offer from Elfsight in Appsumo to enhance my site.
The reason is simple: Webflow doesn’t offer (yet) mandatory features such as cookie bar, marketing pop up, easy social network feed (although I built an instagram feed with Zapier).

Only one thing is holding me, the fact I will need to go on two platform to manage my site (even three since I will use Shopify). Have someone used Elfsight widgets on their site ? What is life with them ?

Also, do you think it’s possible easily to create cookie bar or a marketing pop up in Webflow ?


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Don’t be afraid to try our widgets, especially for such low price now. If you have questions, there’s always our friendly support team, who will help with any installation difficulties or customization settings exactly for your use-case.

Also, if you don’t like our widgets, you can always ask AppSumo for a refund. So, everything will be fine anyway. :wink:

Don’t miss your chance - our AppSumo deal won’t last long!