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Elfsight widget custom code crashes mobile website


I embedded a widget from Elfsight to display my Instagram feed. The custom code seems to work fine on the desktop site but crashes when trying to load that particular page when viewing it on my iPhone 7. Here is the code.


website link:

Elfsight link:

Hi @kaise_white,
Welcome to the forum.

If you wan’t more help for this issue, you need to share more info. Start with sharing your read only link to your project and a published link as well. When referencing a third party script, share a link to it.

Sharing which device and OS version this is happening on would be helpful.

If the third party script has support forums, be sure to check there for any known issues with the device you mentioned.



Awesome! I’ll be sure to update it.

Thank you so much!

Kaise White

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