Elements with the same class applied look different


I have a day and night version of each png in the hero section which changes when scrolled.

Previously the day to night transition matched up perfectly, but now I notice that the front trees change size, the left cloud changes position and the mountains in the middle shift also.

They have the same class applied, I’ve checked between each day and night version and everything looks identical and yet they are behaving differently.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I would find it easier to debug a published webflow.io URL. Mind sending one my way?

@webdev Sure, here you go


I only inspected the trees. Different sizes.


@webdev Ok, so it doesn’t matter if they are both set to the same size in Webflow? Because they are.

What’s even more perplexing is that the ‘two front trees’ inside the ‘Night section>scene rotator>full screen’ has the hide icon next to it as if it was hidden, yet it is not set to hidden, and doesn’t change if I play around with it.

So confused.