Elements with same attributes are behaving differently on other pages

Good morning all,

So I’ve run into a bit of a head scratcher here… I’ve looked it over again and again but for some reason, on the page bio, the top Header element is acting differently on iPad Landscape devices.

I’ve checked it against the pages labeled ‘Events’ and ‘Media’ and there is nothing that I can see that would cause them to behave different.

On the ‘Events’ and ‘Media’ pages, the header and copy is within a DIV classed ‘Fixed_Container’, this is set to margin-top by 8vh with it’s parent element ‘left_column’ set to have a top border of 12vh.

The header element on Bio is set to the same margin as the div (Fixed_Container) on the Media and Events page with the same top border attribute on the parent element (left_column).

On desktop all appears to be fine… But bring it up on an iPad Landscape and the header on Bio is seemingly higher for no reason that I can see.

Can someone see something or is Webflow having a funny five minutes?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


My body parent element was set to align: end and was moving things around incorrectly!

This only seems to effect iPad!

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