Elements with interactions not rendering properly in Live Test (Google Search Console)

Help me Webflow Forum, you are my only hope!

I am using Google Search Console to index my website URLs. I’m in the ‘URL Inspection’ section and have ‘Requested Indexing’ - but when I ‘View Tested Page’ and click on ‘Screenshot’ none of the elements in my site that have interactions (Slide in and Fade in) is showing up. However, the elements show up when I remove the interaction.

Does it matter if the elements don’t show up in the ‘Screenshot’? If yes, is there a way of keeping the interactions and getting them to show up?

Not sure if it’s worth mentioning that I used Webflow’s preset interactions…

Sorry for the naivety - I am a real rookie at this stuff!

Preview link:

Published site:

Please help!

Is that an image?

If yes, if you’re using IX to delay the apparition of elements, an automated screen capture tool can miss it easily.

Google won’t take into account things you are masking. Like having an hidden H1 isn’t a working practice anymore. Same if it’s transparent, white on white, too small, behind another element, pushed back aside and masked by overflow.

An element that hidden briefly by JS (IX) shouldn’t be problematic for your SEO.

If you’re talking about just an image screenshot, then I’m pretty sure there’s no issue. Google doesn’t even know what’s in the image.

Thanks so much for your help, @vincent!

That’s good to know - I wasn’t sure if it was a problem or not.