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Elements width & responsiveness

Hi guys,
I start on webflow, and to do so I’m training to rebuild the apple’s home page, but I don’t quite understand the width of the elements.

  1. my page isn’t entirely displayed on the screen.
  2. my section 2 is over my section 1. I checked the margins and padding, nothing to do.

Here is the page.
Does someone know where it might come from?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @vincent,
Thanks for helping with this screencast, that’s very kind of you.

Can you explain to me why you use VH (for height) and pixel (for min-height)? Doesn’t this create confusion with height differences for the selected element?

Have a nice evening

I want the section to be full page height, right? So I put 100VH as a height. But there is also some content in this section, so I want to make sure the content will never overlapp itself if the user’s screen or browser is not tall enough. So I first use px as height to check the minimum height I need for the section to look okay, then I place this value, in px, in the min height. So I’m sure that my section will take up the whole viewport on any screen/viewport that’s tall enough, and will however exceed the height of the viewport/browser if this one isn’t tall enough.