Elements side by Side

Why are elements side by side on mobile?

Seriously this software some moments is magical and other moments I want to destroy it because it isn’t flow, it’s friction.


I think I fixed it but who knows when it will break again…

Hey I like the glowing text, you got that idea from the word flow or a coincidence?
Either way very nice. Yes it can be a grrr, moment now and then when it don’t quite do as you ask.

Hey @cityvr , judging from your screenshot, it looks wrap-s-12 class is set to flex horizontal and therefore in mobile view, it would respect that display setting. All you had to do was set to flex vertical in mobile mode to fix this issue.

@iDATUS The glowing text is an image but there is a cloneable project for glowing text if you want to see:

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Thanks, it was just a nice compliment to the OP but I will read the link as that could be useful for future projects.
Cheers again.