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Elements scroll into view | Up and Down

I try to recreate a Scroll into view Animation for all my contend elements like on this Website:

Does anyone has Tipps how i can create this Animation?
I think the tricky thing is that when you scroll down the Images slide in from the bottom up and when you scroll up they slide in from above.
The Animation seems so smooth.

Is something like this even Possible?

Here is my public share link:

Read Only Link:


Yo! Pretty simple to do with the “Scroll Into View” interaction (but maybe you already know that).
But you can’t get the reversed effect when scrolling up again, that is not standard in Webflow (as far as i know).

Yes i know, but it‘s not the way i want it to function :neutral_face:
But Thanks anyway

But does it have to go the other way too? The animation, without the reversed scroll is easy.
I mean, it’s a nice feature, but does not really feel necessary for a page like yours.