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Elements not sitting where they should be


I have been learning Webflow for a while now and this problem has occurred a couple of times already. Sometimes, I find that elements I have placed in the designer don’t sit where they are supposed to be. The navigator shows the elements is placed correctly but visually, the element will be hanging in the top left corner of the editor. No matter how much I scroll up, the only thing visible is the class name. I am working on Chrome.

The images below are screen grabs from template pages. Building one page is supposed to replicate similar dynamic content for each page. As the images here show, though, one of the author pages shows the “image 9” where it’s supposed to be. The others, however, are not showing up correctly.

Is anyone facing a similar problem or it’s just me?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Jst!

I think that issue happens if the specific collection item that you’re previewing doesn’t have the field populated.

In other words: Deonte Pfeffer did not have an image uploaded for the field you dynamically linked, but Janick Kirlin did. So when you preview Donete Pfeffer’s page, that issue occurs. However, this issue shouldn’t affect where that image element sits on the document flow once you’ve published your site.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. They all have images uploaded because they were automatically generated by the Webflow CMS. I fixed the problem with a change in design but flagged it because this was not the first time I was facing the problem. Sometimes it’s not an image but an element like a text block. I hope no one else is facing this issue because it could be very frustrating.
Thanks again for the reply.