Elements not showing until browser resized

Hi all,

Facing an issue on published version of a website page.

In preview it functions totally normally but once it’s published certain elements are hidden until resizing the window to iPad size where they all suddenly appear. (With the exception of a single one loading randomly and sometimes after being on that page).

I have been personally troubleshooting this for a good week or so but to no avail, and hoping to launch soon.

It may not be totally obvious when loaded through the link directly to the page (Works) as everything tends to show no problem. You may need to go back to the home page (logo in top left) [https://electus.webflow.io/] then click on the ‘More Works’ button below the ‘Works’ (showcase) Section.

I’ve disabled the post-page load animation, the mouseover constant animation and the mouseover animation and it has made no difference. Have them turned on for now nonetheless.

I’m not totally familiar with grid layout and prefer flexbox but chose grid for this specific situation, it might be some stupidly simple layout mistake. I’m not a web designer by trade so please forgive sloppy backend in advance.

[Webflow - Electus]

Many thanks! -Tom

This is pretty difficult to debug if it’s working well in the designer but my guess is that the IDs (that webflow bind the intertactions to) has got messed up with either refactoring or renaming classes and/or changing the target elements so if I were you I’d start by removing the worksPageLoad interaction on the Works page, clean-up your interactions (essentially removing the JS from your project) and rebuilding it from scratch.

Hey, thanks for the confirmation. Thought I might have to end up doing this but hearing it from someone else gave me the push to go ahead.

I built everything from scratch and found out it was the hover/constant mouseover effect that was causing the issue. A real shame as I would have liked to include that but unfortunately will just have to publish as is for now. Will try split the effect amongst different divs in the future.

If anyone comes across this issue in the future, it was caused by having a mouse hover effect and a mouseover element on the same element.