Elements not showing in the published version

Hey guys,
it’s driving me nuts and I think it is most likely only a little error.

In the hero I have 2 columns.
1st: a photo
2nd: header, text, button

The header and text of the second column do not show in the published version.
I saw another thread where it was solved by wrong settings in automation but cannot find any issue there.

published link
read-only link

Would really appreciate your help here!

tks and best, Steffen

Hi @steffenoG

I’m looking at this and am seeing the same results and I don’t get why. An easy workaround would be to not apply the interaction to the column and to target the header, text, and button individually. It seems to be working when I tested it like that.

In general, Columns are tricky and don’t behave as you intend sometimes. I would suggest using Flexbox horizontal with divs for your columns inside. Alternatively, you could use grid with divs.