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Elements keep moving, pls help!

I am about to lose my MIND, I have been aligning and realigning the same 7 buttons for over an hour. I’ll get them in the right place on every breakpoint, and then when I go back to any other breakpoint they have moved around again! AND on the off chance that they stay put and show up correctly in the designer and preview, they move when I check it out by going to the URL in a different browser tab. They move even more when I look at it on a different browser.

I don’t know how to code and I’m very new to Webflow (as in tonight), I’m coming from Wix EditorX where I was having this same problem.

My url is

Read-Only Link: Webflow - BRITNEY J. PARKS

Please help!

PS. I created my whole home page in Photoshop and placed it in the designer as a long background image. Nothing is interactive so I am adding little transparent buttons over where the Photoshopped element buttons are. I realize there could be a better way to do this and I hate myself for it. Spent too much time on it to redo, lol.


Hey @britneyjparks,

The main problem is your Photoshoped image as a Background Image. This background do not place any space in your website so no element in your page set the “no-go-borders” to buttons. You can set the exact position of buttons but until you won’t solve the background problem the problem persists.

So I would definitely recommend building your photoshopped background in Webflow, so your photoshopped image is gonna be real elements on the website.

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I gave up on life and decided to go ahead and try that. Luckily I saved all the elements separately. I just thought since I couldnt get things to stay put, I would force them to within an entire image that I could set as the background.