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Elements don't look the same on my mac as they do on the viewer within designer

Have this character with text, that I put precisely on the ground of the background image. it looks good, when I press the viewer it looks good. But when I publish it doesn’t look good.

This is the published website:

is the shared link inside webflow:

in the editor it looks like this:

Hey @Aimanisms you are using 100% height and an auto width on that section. Which means when the height or width changes that section will adjust to accommodate the screens dimensions. This will make it impossible to have your character sit on the ground with various screen sizes.

The solution is either to use auto height or to set a px amount for the height. Then you can position your character and the text knowing that the section background won’t be altered.

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I am not sure I understand what the solution is, so should I make everything auto? Or not? @Davidn

Ok @Davidn figured it out. Thanks

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Still have this issue now. But now I can’t figure it out.
@Davidn @cyberdave

This is what I see on my screen, published version.

This what my colleague sees on his screen

I have taken everything of of auto settings, so what am I missing.

Shared link at the top, still works

Best, Aiman