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Elements Disappearing In Publish


I am building on a portfolio for my work, and I am creating animations for each project on their respective blocks on the Landing page. I am using custom code for the animations since they are multifaceted, and using Webflow’s built-in parent-child hover functionality seemed to be a little finicky.

Anyway, I have completed animations that work and are fully visible on Webflow’s Preview mode. However, when I publish my site and view it on, there seem to be some elements missing (in the UniRide project and in the Chop Chop project until one hovers on its block). Why might this be happening?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Matthew's Initial Project
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Hi @mec357 I do not se any difference between Read only and published site.

Thank you for replying Stan,

If you hover over the Chop Chop box, you will see that an image generates (this is supposed to be visible from the get-go). If you refresh the page after hovering on the box once, everything works as expected. However, if you close the window, then open the link back as a new non-refreshed page, the same “wrong” behavior occurs.

Everything else works fine except this, and the behavior is confusing.